Tropical Park Animal Hospital

2330 SW 67 Avenue, Miami, FL 33155    

Phone: (305)553-4464        


What kind of birds and exotic animals do you see?

Birds of all types

Hedgehogs, sugar gliders

and other “small companion pets”

Small primates

Reptiles and Amphibian

Rabbits, rodents, ferrets




Why don't all vets see exotic pets?

Traditional veterinary education usually does not adequately prepare veterinarians for the care of unusual pet species. Veterinarians treating exotic and non-traditional pets must make the commitment to learn about these special species, and spend continuing education time keeping up on the latest advancements in exotic pet care.


Why is it important to take my pet for regular visits?

Most exotic pet species are experts at hiding illness from owners. In the wild, an important survival trick is to hide injury and illness to protect themselves from predators. Regular veterinary visits are important to help detect early indications of illness.


What services do you offer?

DNA Sexing



Laboratory Testing


Nutrition consultation


Wellness Exams





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